MOREINOX S.L. Is company specialised in the automatic, semiautomatic and manual polishing of stainless steel pipes.
MOREINOX S.L. Is founded by Mr Domingo Moreno Bruno. MOREINOX S.L. Account with many years of trajectory and experience in the market of the pulimentación of stainless steel, is why our company must like primary target satisfy its clients, at the same time who his expancion in the national and international market, so that this is possible, MOREINOX S.L. maintains a constant investment, in technology of lastet generation, tecnology and in training its professional team.

MOREINOX S.L. The industries generally serviced are food, decoration, nautical, complex the sport ones, the civil construction, industrial ships, children's parks, hospitals , etc

MOREINOX S.L. It takes care of clients of all Spain, at national level, and at international level,with customers in France, Germany, United Kingdom, belgium, Portugal, Italy and other countries.

MOREINOX S.L. works with suitable installation and a professional staff which enable to face customer`s orders, MOREINOX S.L. Guarantee the best quality and meet delivery deadlines.

MOREINOX S.L. Some of the most usual products, amongst other, that MOREINOX S.L. Supplies are: ROUNDISH, SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, BANISTER, " U ", SOLID, " TES", REDUCTION, CAPS,"L" and outhers.